production & recording

Clockwork Studio is located in Tartu, in one of the oldest sound recording spaces in southern Estonia, which was especially built in 1994 for the creation of music. At various times, a lot of important Estonian artists have been produced and recorded here.
Under its current name Clockwork Studio started in 2007. From that time onwards, the acoustic and technical characteristics of the rooms have been significantly improved and the equipment has been upgraded to meet the world’s modern standards. We are producers and sound directors with over 15 years of experience. We consider it extremely important that the work done always has the best possible result, while the process leading to all this is as relaxed as possible.
We have collaborated with more than 100 artists from a wide variety of genres, and have produced the sound of many Estonian music albums.

In addition to the albums, we have produced a wealth of audio learning materials in different languages, developed interactive sound production for several Estonian museums, duplicated cartoons and films, produced the sound of television broadcasts, radio and television commercials, audio books. We have also produces 5.1 sound as well as created a lot of original music.
Between longer recording sessions, you have the opportunity to take a small break and spend it in the vicinity on disc golf courses, skate parks, bmx-, running- and ski tracks or on the beach of Emajõgi located nearby. To sum it up, while here, you just feel like all of the above doesn´t even matter, because it all just works. And it works well!





Surrounded by serenity

Leslie Da Bass

Times New Roman


Lätsi kõrtsu

Winny Puhh

Kes küsib?

Curly Strings


Argo Vals


Aapo Ilves

Aga ükskord



3 ounch line

Act like you don’t care

Aapo Ilves, Ahti Bachblum, Aides, Almost Natural, Animal Drama, Anis Arumets, Ardo Ran Varres, Argo Vals, Bert On Beats, Birgit Õigemeel, Caramel, Chungin, Crashdaf, Curly Strings, Dead Next Door, Deformation, Emeriit Brass, Edgar Poe`s Favorite Cat, Eeva Talsi, Elephants from Neptune, Emerald, Epoche, Estraadiraadio, Finish Me Off, Flank, Fluidum, Folk Highlights Orchestra, Folk och Rockare,  Fredy Schmidt, Groundhog Day, Hendrik Sal-Saller, Henry [GENKA] Kõrvits, Hoop, Horricane, Iberi Choir, Innersound, Indrek Kalda, Ivo Linna, Jaak Lutsoja, Jaan Pehk, Jalmar Vabarna, Jan Rahman, Juhhui, Kadri Laube, Kaunimate aastate vennaskond, Kihnu poisid, Kirivane, Klapp, Kurjam, Kõrsikud, Kärt Johanson, Külliki Levin, Leslie Da Bass, Liisi Koikson, Lõkõriq, Maarja-Liis Ilus, Machete, Mait Karm, Margus Tammemägi, Mari Kalkun, Maria Stuart, Mick Pedaja, Mockingbird, Mustus, Nare, Nikns Suns, No Big Silence, Noorkuu, OneWord, Oort, Orelipoiss, Paha Polly, Project Massacre, Psychiatric Ward, Pulga Jaan, Red Vibe, Redneck Rampage, Reet Laube, Rein Rannap, Rock Beats Paper, Rockin’Lady & her Rivertown Boys, Rozen, Silver Sepp,  Skeleton Race, Smoke Out, Smõuk, Soda Effect, Sputnik, Stem, Stereo Chemistry, Stora Magnara, SysTeam, Swampmine, Zeitgeber, Zetod, Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut, The Blinking Lights, The Blurry Lane, Three Leg Dog, Tiit Born, Toomas Lunge, Trad. Attack, Triple PunchLine, Tume, Tõnis Mägi, Uku Suviste, Vanaema Pööras Jooma, Vennaskond, Vinland, Väägvere pasunakoor, Winny Puhh, Wrupk Urei, Öösorr



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