music production studio

Use our proficient services or rent the studio for your own needs.

Clockwork Studio is built in a specially designed radio station building with the goal of providing artists with the best possible environment for creating and recording their productions.

We offer a truly unique musical experience by combining sought after tech like the world-class Neve Genesys console with cosy interior design to create an environment where creativity flows.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Every room is provided with everything from monitoring/connections to inspiring conditions so that the artist does not have to worry about anything but his musical creation.


Studio “Blue”

  • Neve Genesys G48
  • Rare outboard
  • UA converters
  • 16ch tape machine
  • Barefoot monitors
  • What else do you need?

Live Room

First and foremost focused on recording acoustic instruments.
The studio is large enough to accommodate full band and small orchestral/choir recording sessions.
Cosy and intimate, acoustically thought out from inception to the end result.


3 booths

Isolation is essential when complex projects need their space in sound and mind. Monitoring and visual contact are provided between booths and the live room.


Studio “Black”

is a hybrid mixing and production studio.


Remove yourself from the process and relax.
Kitchen, shower, Netflix. Not in any particular order.


Backyard & Park

Step out. Breathe. Spend too much time outside. Profit.


to some of our productions



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