Clockwork Studio is built in a specially designed radio station building with the goal of providing artists with the best possible environment for creating and recording their productions.

We offer a truly unique musical experience by combining sought after tech like the world-class Neve Genesys console with cosy interior design to create an environment where creativity flows.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Every room is provided with everything from monitoring/connections to inspiring conditions so that the artist does not have to worry about anything but his musical creation.


Studio Blue


Live Room

main live room and three additional booths, allowing musicians to either play together in the same space or record in optimum isolation. A generously-sized live room (big enough for small orchestral sessions) is complemented by a control room


3 booths

The different rooms have visual and monitoring contact with each other.


Studio Black

is a hybrid mixing and production studio  operated by producer/musician Silver Lepaste


Although cosy and intimate, the studio is large enough to accommodate full album sessions.






Laulupeo pst. 25/2, Tartu. ESTONIA
+372 52 40 897,